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How often do you buy locally produced food that is not imported to the UK?

A lot of the food I buy is locally sourced

Some of the food I buy is locally sourced

I don't worry about where my food comes from


You could save {first_value}kg CO2e every year if you if you try to buy more locally sourced food. That is equivalent to {second_value} smartphone charges!

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Many of the foods we eat have travelled many miles before they reach our plate, and these ‘food miles’ carry a big carbon footprint. Moving food is responsible for 25% of all miles covered by heavy goods traffic in the UK, and air freighted products account for around 11% of the UK’s food-transport emissions.


Not only does eating locally have the benefits of knowing exactly where your food comes from and supporting local businesses, but it’s also great for the environment. One of the most vital benefits is the reduction of food miles, which means these foods generally have a much lower carbon footprint. This means less fuel consumption, less air pollution and a more planet-friendly diet.


By taking this pledge you could cut your carbon footprint and join us in the race against climate change