Envision is a world-leading digital energy company and smart wind turbine company which has developed EnOS™, the world's largest intelligent Internet of Things (IoT) operating system. Under the umbrella of Envision Group, there are Envision Energy, Envision Digital, Envision Ventures and other business units, with product lines covering EnOS™, intelligent wind turbines and wind farms, Apollo Photovoltaic, Smart buildings, smart energy storage and etc.

Envision Energy gathers the strength of innovation in renewable energy and smart energy technology. Through creative technology and design with a focus on smart wind power, Envision Energy aims to use energy technology to improve people's lives by providing them with a sufficient supply of clean, secure and affordable energy.

Envision Digital has constructed an energy IoT energy operating system (EnOS™) which connects more than 100 GW of energy terminals and 50 million smart devices worldwide. Through providing smart software solutions and services for power generation, buildings, parks, transportation, cities and so on, Envision Digital aims to reduce the cost of both energy production and consumption.

Envision Ventures

Through Envision Ventures, Envision aims to build a smart energy ecosystem by investing in the United States, Europe and China. Centered on EnOS™, Envision Ventures invests in companies engaging in big data, charging, energy storage, IoT security and renewable energy management. So far, it has strategically cultivated such pioneers of technology innovation in the energy sector as Sonnen, ChargePoint, Protectwise and AutoGrid.

With global product and service capability, Envision has managed to extend its business to the United States, Europe, South America, Australia, Southeast Asia, China and other countries and regions. Joining hands with global high-quality customers, Envision aims to create a better world through energy.

Envision also possesses world-class R&D strength and has established R&D and innovation centers in the United States, Germany, Denmark, Singapore and other countries.

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