Sylvain Filippi caught up with Becky Evans in a new limited series hosted by the team, Lockdown Lowdownpresented by Harley-Davidson 

As a founding member of the Envision Virgin Racing, Sylvain has offered some fascinating insights into the beginnings of the championship, as well as its future, as the championship looks ahead to the Gen 2EVO and Gen3 eras.   

Filippi spoke about the team’s Race Against Climate Change initiative with the ‘Drift Queen’ and explained the importance of an increased uptake, particularly in city centres.

Notably, they discussed the future of climate change after the world emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic and how the virus could be a catalyst to an increased uptake in electric vehicles. 

“If you take a step back from the current situation and look forward, there’s such a big opportunity here.  

“The benefits of EVs are that you remove the pollution from where people live – the city centres. This doesn’t hit home for many people until you experience it but with the COVID-19 pandemic we’ve all been able to witness this firsthand. 

“I live very near to London and the difference is incredible, in a few weeks the air pollution has decreased by 80%-90%. It has shown that we don’t need to stop human activity to fix the planet, all we have to do – in terms of pollution in cities – is move to electric vehicles as quickly as we can.  

“I’m hoping that the coronavirus pandemic will change perceptions and accelerate the shift to electric vehicles and clean energy.”

Stay tuned for future episodes of ‘Lockdown Lowdown’.