Ask any dedicated fan of a sport club, sports personality or celebrity what they want, and they will say deeper engagement with their heroes. Yet the organizations that claim to bring fans closer to their Idols are letting them down.

Fans want to know everything about their Idols and clubs but have to switch from Facebook to Instagram and then back to Twitter, and other social media sites, to catch all the updates they want from their heroes or those with an inside track.

There’s a gap in the market for a unified platform with the power to meet the needs of fans, their Idols and their clubs. The time has come for a fan engagement platform with a difference. An ecosystem which understands the needs of fans, clubs and Idols are intertwined, and which fulfils all these needs in one unified solution.

Introducing IQONIQ, the revolutionary new platform which allows for a more engaging, rewarding and purposeful relationship between fans and their favourite teams, leagues, competitions, brands, and icons. Packed with never-before-seen features; including live results, gamification, messaging, merchandise, club stores, and a host of prizes and exclusive access.